All Star Program:

Since our Full Year, Limited Travel and Half Year cheerleading programs have choreographed routines that they compete throughout the year, we must go through a different procedure for athletes to be added to teams after our Official Try Out happens in June, August and December.

  1. If you are new to Triple Threat please visit to create an online billing account.
  2. Fill out the forms by typing/writing the information into each field below (please Print legibly)
  3. Print, sign and notarize the completed forms. (Athlete Evaluation Form, Registration and Release Form, Financial commitment & Rules and Regulations Handbook)
  4. Submit all forms.

Joining Triple Threat: Program 1st, Team 2nd, Individual 3rd.

In the tryout session, athletes are given numerous chances to demonstrate skills that they have already learned/Mastered. A short 3-4 8-count dance will be posted online and or taught at evaluations. BRAND NEW to the sport of All Star Cheer? No Problem NO EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY! Our goal is to have teams for athletes of every age and experience level, so the vast majority of athletes attending tryouts will be placed on a team.


Private tryouts can take place. Appointment is required for a private tryout session. Private tryouts cannot take place during a regularly scheduled tryout session. Please call the business office to schedule an appointment for a private tryout.

If you have missed team placements there may still be time for you to schedule a private evaluation. However, spaces on teams may be very limited and we are often only looking for athletes of a specific age or skill level. In addition, monthly fees are calculated annually and include competition expenses, so anyone starting late will still be required to pay those fees. But even worse is that the athlete may miss some of the training, team bonding experiences and memories that make each season so special and memorable. So don’t put off being a part of the best all-star cheer and dance program in the Capital Region! Register now and get the full Triple Threat experience!